Release Party?

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
Hey everybody, Johnny here. I just wanted to thank everyone for their patience while we put the finishing touches on the album. I am extremely happy to announce the following information:

The “Falling in Like” record release party will be held on Friday 03/21/14 at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis!

The official release date for the album will be Tuesday 03/25/14!

Thank you all again for your support of this project. I’m eternally grateful for everything you’ve done to make this possible. Hope to see you at the release party!




The wait is finally over! Come celebrate the release of “Falling in Like” with some of the best talent the Twin Cities hip hop scene has to offer.


Johnny Questionmark



Out of Bounds
M.C. Rentz
Professor Fresh
Imperious Rex

and DJ Nimo The Hooligan

Doors at 8:00 PM
Music at 9:00 PM

Advance tickets $7 on or $10 at the door



Big News…and a Video!

Posted: November 5, 2013 in News

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have TWO huge announcements.

1) I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined forces with Bloody Boombox and one of the greatest talent rosters in the Twin Cities. Make sure you check out my new labelmates KNONAM , Mike Shank , Capaciti and M.C. Rentz. Look for “Falling in Like” in early 2014!



2) The incomparable has released the new season of his video series Lights and a Backdrop and my song “Written in Lights” was included this season. Check it out!

Want to hear the latest from Johnny Questionmark? Look no further:

If you’re not able to get a CD today at the West Bank Music Fest, no worries, we’ve got it in digital form here for your downloading pleasure.


The West Bank Music Festival!

Posted: June 13, 2013 in News

We’ve got something we’ve been keeping under our hats for a while, but it’s finally time to let this news out of the bag. On August 17th you’ll be able to see Johnny on the Main Stage at the West Bank music festival with the likes of Mike Mictlan and Brother Ali.

West Bank Music Festival 2013 lineup

Headliner: Brother Ali
Mike Mictlan
Southside Desire
Mark Mallman
Fuck Knights
Johnny Questionmark

SOUTH STAGE (Whiskey Junction courtyard)
Belfast Cowboys

Shows at participating venues so far include:

The Nomad World Pub
Hotpants DJs -Rare Funk and Soul All Vinyl Dance Party

Southern Theater
Balls Cabaret

Acadia Cafe
The Ghost Test

Red Sea

Triple Rock Social Club
Dave Strait Fest – Finale

Whiskey Junction (Indoors)
Hurricane Karaoke

More details will be posted as we have them, and you can always check out the festival’s site at

Did somebody say guests?

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We missed the last couple of updates here on the website, but here are the latest guest updates from Johnny himself:

As we get closer to the end of recording on the album, I thought now would be a good time to start releasing a little more information about the record. Today, I am thrilled to announce that the one and only Lazerbeak has contributed production to Falling in Like. If you don’t know who Lazerbeak is, punch yourself in the face, then go listen to some of the AMAZING work he’s done for P.O.S and the rest of the Doomtree collective, plus his own projects Hand Over Fist and Mixed Blood Majority.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll drop a few more bits of info. Thanks for sticking with me, the record is sounding fantastic and we’re almost done recording.


There were a few questions about something I said in my last update, so here it is, the last name I’m going to announce until we have a release date: He’s the best rapper ever to flip pancakes, rhyme about the WBC, and correct your grammar. The great Mac Lethal is on the record!

Mac is one of my personal favorites and I was beyond thrilled to be able to work with him. 

Can’t wait for everyone to hear the track.


Recording Continues…

Posted: January 30, 2013 in News

Johnny is still busy in the studio recording vocals for the album. We’ve also got a few more people that are contributing to the album that we’ll be announcing in the near future. We can’t let you in on who it is yet, but we’re very excited  about it.

Tonight’s Show At Deans Is Cancelled!

Posted: January 17, 2013 in News

What a kick in the dick! Sorry if you were planning on coming out. We’ll let you know when another show is booked.

Everyone’s favorite Rapper – Johnny Questionmark live @

Dean’s Tavern:
1986 Rice Street

Saint Paul, MN 55113


Hosted By: Strictly Hammers

MC 1980
MC Rentz

Nimo The Hooligan on the 1’s & 2’s!!!!

Recording has begun!

Posted: January 7, 2013 in News

Recording on Johnny’s new album, “Falling In Like” has begun! Recording began with “Heartbeat” a song you’re likely familiar with if you’ve been able to make it out to one of the shows. We’ll continue to update as recording progresses. Thanks again for your support during the Kickstarter campaign, this would not be a reality without your generosity.

Something Different…

Posted: October 9, 2012 in News

Today, we’re going to switch things up. Thus far, all of the updates have been coming straight from Johnny on the Kickstarter, today; it’s coming from behind the scenes.

My name is Joe; I’ve been working with John (Johnny) for the last 10

years. I help out with anything from booking shows, to working the merch table, websites, merch design….etc. In indie hip hop everyone involved in a project needs to wear a few hats, it comes with the territory. If you’re familiar with what Johnny’s done in the past, you’ll also know the other part of the 3 person team that makes up “Team Questionmark” Bill, who just like me, wears a million hats and does anything and everything needed to keep this thing rolling forward.

The hardest thing for an independent artist to do is get off the ground in the first place. Many projects such as this one burn out before even getting anywhere. Without name recognition it’s hard to get spots on shows, it’s hard to get published on blogs, it’s just plain hard.
The three of us have been working hard submitting the music to as many blogs and websites as we can. We’ve reached out to artists we respect for opinions. We’re basically doing anything we can get to the name out there to create a buzz around what we believe is really some great music. We’ve got more we want to get into your hands, but we need to get this project funded.

So, this is where you come in. We need you reach out to as many websites, blogs, artists, friends, and monster truck drivers as you can. Tweet at them with a link to the files on Soundcloud, link the files on your Facebook page, and post them on forums you’re a member of. I’ve seen a lot of you do this already (it turns out Santa isn’t the only jolly fat man keeping tabs on you) and we thank you for your support. If you’ve already been doing it, keep it up. If you haven’t started yet, please do.
I’ll give you some general guidelines:

1.Kill them with kindness – Ask people to please check the music out. Thank them for their time. You’re asking someone to take time out of their day to check this out, thank them for it.

2.Let them know why they should listen – You like the tracks, why do you like them? What makes you want to listen to the tracks? We live in a world that is absolutely saturated with new music, and multimedia, why should they give this more of a shot over anything else?

3.Thicken up your skin – Reality is, when you throw something like this out there, there are going to be a lot of people that don’t like it. Since we’re dealing with the internet you’re going to run into people that react negatively to the music. That’s fine, and it’s expected. No music is for everyone (Except maybe the Beach Boys) a lot of people are going to hate it. What we’d like to avoid, is you blasting something someone else likes in the name of Johnny’s music. That’s not the way we do things, and we’d appreciate it if you’d steer clear of it while promoting Johnny.

4.Get Creative – If you’ve got ideas on how to get this out there. The three of us all work jobs that can be stressful, we give as much time to this as we can, but the reality is between work, family, and friends, we don’t get to spend as much time on this as we’d like to and awesome idea is likely out there waiting to get submitted to us. If you’ve got a great idea on promo, shoot me an email:

5.Share what you’re doing – Post on the Facebook page with your progress, email with your progress for us to feature on the website and Facebook. If you’re out there kicking ass, we want to know about it and give you credit where credit is due.
With all that being said, the links we need promoted are as follows:

If you’ve got your own blog, website, podcast, video gimmick, or you’re willing to tattoo a URL on your forehead and you’re interested in helping out, shoot me an email as well.

Again, I can’t thank everyone who’s already donated and shared the links enough. You’re awesome and even though you may not have selected the virtual fist bump as a reward on the Kickstarter, be assured you’ve received one. The good vibes are on backorder, but as soon as we get them in we’ll get them sent right out.

Also note that if you’re holding off on pledging money for a paycheck, there’s no need to do so. The money won’t come out of your account unless the project is fully funded, and even then it won’t happen until the end date, that means you don’t have to worry about coming up with the funds until November 8th.

Thanks Again, and feel free to email with questions.

Big Joe Grizzly